Creative Agency – Your Experts for Your Growth.

This is the digital First- Era of the world which demands digital creativity in the market to spread more growing information rapidly. This is the reason the world’s top brands are seeking creative agencies or service providers to boost their brand voice.

Basically creative agencies are the masters and specialists of the modern makeover of your business. They keep the talent to transform your inquiries into leads and grow a platform for getting more engaging customers. Many aspirants with creative ideas are making it a career progression. Creative agencies make those miracles that you just dream about.

Creative agency works on?

Essentially a creative agency provides a fusion in branding and a platform to communicate with the target audience through digital marketing and very attractive and attention-grabbing graphics designs. Eventually, it helps those companies which have a wider range of products but no idea how to promote them among customers. In that case, a creative agency makes an amalgamation of social media, print media and various events to make your impression renowned. It comprises various other elements that are included by digital agencies as well such as search engine optimisation and many times the lead generation also.

Benefits of hiring a creative agency

Building a team of professionals and creative people is a bit challenging especially for a startup. Finding creative minds is also a great hurdle for the one who is focusing on making the products and services is better. If you expect the smooth, rapid and great productivity in your business graph then no need to find or hire these things. All you can do just go to a creative agency and hire it. After a little effort, you will see outstanding growth in your venture.

You will be the winner

With the extraordinary performance done by your creative agency will make you the winner in the market. People will start taking interest in your services and products. It will grab the attention and the attraction of the audience. On the other hand, we can say that a creative agency helps you fulfilling your goals.


Be with latest trend and technology

By hiring a creative agency your business walks with the experts of creativity. You always keep in touch with the latest technology and trends so that you don’t miss out any opportunity for selling your products or services etc.



Share your business with the world

It’s not about no one is interested in buying your services or products but it is all about that how many people know what you sell. To remove this distance creative agency makes your brand popular through social media and designs etc. You get the fruitful business with the corporation of creative minds.

Winding up

If you want to skyrocket your brand potential connect with creative agency such as AVA design media. Feel free to call us for any of your queries as we build brands, products and services by exploring the vast experience of creativity.

Power Of Brand Identity For A Company

People commonly use the word “brand” as a name of any organisation. Brand is not only the name of any company but much more than that. Logos, typographic treatments, style for images and content make a brand. And this is what creates a brand identity.

Power Of Brand Identity For A Company

How it works

Brand identity

Brand identity is something which defines your brand through visuals which includes colour, design, and a brand’s logo.  A few Best Brand Identity In Chandigarh Tricity are implementing the same. Displaying the corporation, company, or business among their target audience is the manner the brand identity works on. Making it simply: it’s what you, customers, and prospective customers can see.
A strong and creative branding always depicts your products, your services, and your company, how you serve the customers. You can avail the services of  Best logo designers in chandigarh and tricity or Punjab.
A brand is a promise you make to customers to achieve their trust and credibility with the company’s prospects and products.  80% of customers purchase a product or service solely because of brand values and its depiction.

Ease Of Making Decision

The more you promote your brand the more the sale increases rapidly. Users or customers start believing in the services or products you provided by the company. Your brand identity is responsible for the increased revenue of the company and further growth. It gives the power of making decisions to customers which becomes reason for higher number of sales.

Protection From Competitors

You are not the one among the jam-pack of various competitors. An immense number of copycat products are available in the market in the lowest prices. This is the great hurdle which can destroy the one enthusiastic entrepreneur.

In this hurdle only your brand identity can save you.Any of Best design agency in Chandigarh can help you out in this. Buyers change their opinions when you tell them about your brand by displaying it through designing.

Introducing New Products

Every venture wishes to get evolved in future. Many branding experts in Punjab or tricity are serving the same.Showing the information of your products and brand as well helps you to introduce new launches and innovations in products. Just one glance on your brand logo and customers will go into faith and trust as they are familiar enough with the same brand logo.

Winding Up

Brand identity will take you out from the struggle of the tasks you adopt for connecting with customers. It doesn’t matter the ventures are on the beginning stage or already running, creating the Identity of your own brand will help you long lasting. It will not only make your brand popular but the individual as well. This is a similar thing we can mention for instance that Facebook is Highly popular throughout the world but Mark Zuckerberg has also become the face as the great entrepreneur.

This is Brand Identity

Re-branding Article

Branding is one of the most powerful tool businesses to connect with their target audience, to be able to be recognised by audiences through the use of fonts, colours styles etc for a brand recall.
Sometimes, it becomes essential for an organisation to rebrand themselves due to brand takeover, a merger, expansion into new markets or simply because that the business has evolved to a very different one to what it was 10 or 20 years ago. (Case in point: Airtel, more recently Zomato etc.)
There is no doubt that rebranding a company can be a huge task, but the results can be very rewarding.
If you are looking to re-brand your company while ensuring success, there are simple steps that you can follow.
This article lists below the rebranding checklist of ten simple steps that can lead to a successful rebrand.

1. Identify why rebranding is essential.

There could be many reasons why a brand may choose to rebrand themselves and it is imperative to identify that reason, which would help in positioning your message to your target audience.
You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are you trying to enter a new market?
  • Are you trying to introduce new values or vision to your organisation?
  • Are you too similar your competition?
  • Is your brand not in sync with the current trends in the market?

Once you have been able to enlist the reason for the rebranding effort, it would aid in seamless process and strategizing.

2. Formulating a Plan

  • A plan would help in creating a timeline and also in specifying milestones that need to be accomplished to rebrand properly.
  • Would your rebranding effort mean just tweaking the colour of the existing logo, or change the logo altogether or complete rebrand of organisation to project a new way of functioning.
  • All of these points should be considered in the plan that would aid in budgeting and avoiding rude shocks during the rebranding process.

3. Simplify the rebranding strategy and outcome

  • Some organisations fall prey to complicating the rebranding process that confuses both old and new customer base.
  • It is important that your customers understand the need for rebranding and what new you are bringing on to the table to help them serve better
  • Hence to be able to explain your brand to someone in less than a minute is the ideal situation and simple communication is vital.
  • The simplicity in brand communication aids in developing brand loyalty

4. Market Feedback and Research

  • Market research and feedback can be time consuming BUT it will be a very important aspect for a long run brand value.
  • You can utilise surveys, group interviews, qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gain your market feedback expect to gain a sense of what people think of your new initiatives and what would they feel wit your new brand.

5. Know what needs to be changed

  • Rebranding doesn’t always mean complete change, it could also incorporate bits that need replacing.
  • You should be able to identify the areas of your brand that no longer communicate with your audience or the areas that have become stale.
  • If there is an aspect that does work well, do not try to change that, as could end up with wasting time and efforts and ofcourse money.
  • DO NOT upset your current loyal customers to gain new ones by rebranding the bits that have worked for you and are still creating brand value.

6. Competition Analysis

  • You should compare your brand to that of your competitors to see what stands out, what needs changing in your market.
  • If your brand is similar to your competitor, you should aim to change that and also take on the opportunity for Differentiation.
  • Remember, branding is also one of the pillars of differentiation and gaining competitive advantage.

7. Think for the future

  • For businesses to be remembered for a long duration, you need to think about your brands relevance in the long run.
  • Refreshing your brand and thinking ahead for future and always keep you ahead of your competition and allow you to stay ahead in the game.

8. Brand Promotion

  • Your rebranding or branding effort will remain futile if you are not communicating effectively about it.
  • You should seek aid from your employees or colleagues to make the first step towards communicating your rebranding effort.
  • You would need to ensure that they themselves are excited about the rebranding and what does the new identity stand for.
  • Utilise email campaigns, social media, videos etc to propagate the change

By grasping the points from these checklist, your re-branding or even branding process can be successfully implemented.
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A Better Google PageSpeed Insights For greater Speed Performance

Isn’t the Google PageSpeed Insights looks amazing and a little different after the new update? Yes, it does. This is again the efforts by Google to make it more convenient for the users. These changes were made to the results because of the update we had on July, 2018. As per the new PageSpeed insights, developers will get two scores. These scores have been named as, “Page Speed” and “Optimization”.

This is an effort of Google to make it convenient for the users who still uses the older smartphones and might face troubles finding your site. So, basically a website which loads faster on your end, you may still need to optimize it again to fulfill the new requirements. As per the leading digital marketers, it is really important to optimize the website again as your website can skip from the search results and you may lose your potential customers.


So, AVA Design Media is sharing some tips on how you can optimize the speed for better performance.

Avoid Unnecessary Redirections

Unnecessary redirections delay the page rendering and hence slow down your website. Every time your website has to go through the HTTP and transport layer to show a redirected page to the user. So, there shouldn’t be unnecessary redirection within your website. You should focus on using the 301 redirections instead of 302 redirections as they are only effective when you are doing it for the short-term.

Enable Gzip Compression

Reducing the content quantity from the web page will load the website faster, so you should gzip all the compressible content. You will need to review the data periodically and remove the data which is not required as per your stats for the past few days. Compression can be applied to HTML part as well as various other digital assets of your web page. So you should use different compressions for the fonts, images, CSS and JS.

Optimize the Images

You should optimize your website’s images. If you are using the WordPress platform for your website, you will have an additional benefit here. You can simply download a plugin and then optimize the images. In addition to this, you can optimize those images manually as well for better results.

Leverage browser caching

You can install the various cache plugins to check the response and then should use one that you see has the most improvement.

If you are not sure on how you can achieve the better results, let’s do it for you.

A/B Testing for your website performance – Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Do you want more traffic to your website?

Do you want to improve your rankings in Google?

Have you been trying hard to get your website performing?

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Designing a website is a massive undertaking for website designers and business owners alike. But, having a website on the web isn’t the only thing that you need to do. It is of no use, if you don’t have the real purpose of having it. Our professional team of website designers, developers and internet marketers believe, whether it is a website redesign or a brand new website, you should base your decisions on the data rather than the intuitions. Only your decisions during the designing phase decide the final outcome of your work.

Being an extra curious marketers, we dig deeper always to get a single website performing. One of the technique that we use in the SEO is A/B testing.

A/B testing is a digital marketing tactic that can help you improve almost all the aspects of your website. Whether you want to increase the conversion rate, number of users or page views of your website, A/B testing can do that all.

Ready to start learning SEO or Digital Marketing?

A/B testing – Sound interesting?

A/B testing is simply sending users to one of two variations of a single page on your site. These pages should be identical except the one slight change. The variation act as a variable and the purpose is to test the performance of these two changes. So, testing as much users as possible will give you enough statistical significance to see which page performed better. Then you can make the winning variation a permanent fixture of the page. This is how the A/B testing works.

So basically, you will be changing some content, images, section of a design or slight variations in graphics and checking the response of the Search Engines. Then you will be comparing the stats through various analytics tools like, Google Analytics, Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tool), SEMRUSH and various other online tools.

Why you should be using the A/B testing?

A/B testing measures your website’s performance

It helps you measure the basic metrics, engaging metrics and conversion metrics of a website. It shows you how engaging the website is by giving you the average time a visitor spends on a web page. It also gives you an exact time estimate of a single user took to purchase from the newly designed website.

Help spotting the problems

Certain A/B testing tools can help determine the weak spots of website that needs improvements to boost the sales. So, you will have the ability to improve the website design greatly while increasing the conversion rate. It helps you determine how much images do you need? How should the layout and design of the page look like? When to use the call to action button?

Increase the marketing potential

A/B testing is a great way to make your website powerful and more profitable marketing tool. With careful analysis you can improve the key elements of your website that needs addressing. It helps you to work more on your high traffic pages first.

A/B testing is a powerful & efficient approach. As complicated as it may at first sound, mastering this approach will worth the investment.

Creating your own presence on a blog, your business website, forum or anywhere in online media are simple, fun, and rewarding. You just have to show some dedication towards it and you will be amazed to get the rewards. We have some guideline compiled for you and just want to share the most of it with you. Feel free to learn the basic SEO at no cost or let us get you the results instead.